Straight Up Reformer<br>Maria Leone<br>Class 5347

Straight Up Reformer
Maria Leone
Class 5347

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Fantastic workout! Whole body with core! Thank you Maria!
Caroline W
Always love Maria’s classes! Especially loved the supine arm work and teaser variations in this class - perfect 30 min workout! 
Christina R
That was so good until the teasers at the end! Still working on those...See you soon! Thanks for all the help over the last six months! --Christina Rodriguez
Miri J
Good Morning! Intense way to wake up the body. Great class!
Graham H
Love your classes Maria there all fun - or do I just have a strange idea of what's fun
Lynn S
What a great class! Thank you so much. 30 mins athletic classes are the best to get in before work
Melody B
Thanks so much Maria I really enjoyed that. I felt I’d lost my mojo today, and that has really helped me feel so much better !
Sara P
Like always a great class !!!! Thanks you 
Wonderful movement for my body this morning!  THANK YOU!  Loved the break the bar and skater series!

Fern K
Wonderful class! By the way, Maria, who says that you are not a fun teacher?!
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