Straight Up Reformer<br>Maria Leone<br>Class 5347

Straight Up Reformer
Maria Leone
Class 5347

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Maria thanks 😊 🙏 I love your lessons its short and effective !
Great! Loved Saw with feet on bar, low back against box!
Brilliant class, thank you!
Amy Z
Another great class!  Thanks Maria!!!
Another great class thank you Maria. I love your choreography & excellent instruction.
Great class! Classes like this are why I decided to buy a reformer for myself to have at home. Great pacing, creative exercises, great cues! I will be repeating it again!  

This class was awesome!!! Thank you Maria.
Great class! Was fun and I enjoyed some of these variations. Loved the break the bar, new to me, thanks!! 
Love the class Maria….your classes are so fun and always challenging!
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