Sync Reformer<br>Erika Quest<br>Class 5363

Sync Reformer
Erika Quest
Class 5363

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Super fun and very creative. I particularly liked the series seated on the box next to the reformer with one foot in the loop, and the standing series toward the end. Thanks for a great class!
Erika Quest
Rachel P YAY! Rachel, I'm so happy that you took class with me. It was a wonderful session to design and film. Much love, Erika
Michael Mary S
What a fun and creative class.  Thanks for all your hard work!
Erika Quest
Michael Mary S Yahoooo! Thank YOU for taking class with me, and so glad you enjoyed. Much love, Erika
Kristyna Anna S
Dear Erika, Thank you so much. I really enjoyed todays class. 
Your energy was exactly what I needed for my mood. Finale grande :)))

Erika Quest
Kristyna Anna S Well, Kristyna thank you for making MY day! I loved teaching this class and I'm glad you enjoyed. Much love and come back again soon! Erika
Kara B
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Wow! Erika!  I just previewed this class and got caught up in your energy!  Love it!  Going to start my morning off with you tomorrow!
Erika Quest
Kara B Yes, Kara! You're just amazing, and thanks for the preview! I'm with you all the way when you jump in on the session tomorrow. Bring your towel, lol! Much love, Erika
Erin G
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That was fun class! I took it yesterday and feel it deep, in a good way, today :)
Erika Quest
Erin G Woohoo, ERIN! That's awesome, I'm so glad you enjoyed. Hope you'll do it again sometime. Much love and thanks for SYNCING with me! Erika
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