Arms, Arms, and More Arms<br>Mychele Sims<br>Class 5380

Arms, Arms, and More Arms
Mychele Sims
Class 5380

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Saphira B
Fun, focused, and effective class on arms. I feel stronger in my arms, and stretched out throughout my body. Thank you.
Jennifer E
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I adore your classes, Mychele! Always a great workout physically and I always feel my mood boosted too after your classes with your fun positive energy! Thank you!
You have such great energy! Thank you for a fun class!
Lina S
Fun and effective class! I enjoy your sense of humor!
Love your energy--so much fun!
Elissa D
I loved it! Thank you
Thanks, Mychele this was so much fun!!
Super fun, thank you Mychele- I’m gonna feel that tomorrow!
Thanks Michelle for passing on your energy and fun upper body workout!
Megan C
Super fun and effective! Love the teaser variations! I actually "LOL'd" at certain points too, especially when you said "it's gettin' hot in here..." Thank you!
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