Mobility For Life<br>Tom McCook<br>Class 5385

Mobility For Life
Tom McCook
Class 5385

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Thank you Tom ! Always such an inspiration. Used to do a lot of these moves/ isolations in modern dance warm ups. Thank you once again for sharing your knowledge 👏👏👏
Great video.  How often do you recommend doing this considering I am doing other workouts (weight lifting, cardio, pilates)?
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Adrian DLori,  Thank you both for your great feedback! Lori, I recommend doing this 3 x a week and you can pick piece of the class and do it daily based on your time. It can serve as a great warm up for your strength work or as a stand alone for health and wellness! Warm regards,
Tom, this was a wonderful class.  I play a lot of pickleball along with Pilates 5-7 days per week.  This class really helped me feel so much more mobile in my body.  It will become my warm up before hitting the courts.  THANKS
Janice M , thank you for your message, I appreciate your feedback!! That’s great to hear you feel the benefits and will integrate the movements into your weekly routine! All the best🙏
I always enjoy your classes so much! I definitely want to aim to do some of these movements on a daily basis . The footwork, squats and lower back movements to name my top three! Thank you!
Lavina M , thank you for your inspiring feedback! I think that’s a great plan!👊🙏
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Always love your classes! As a Pilates Instructor its inspiring  to hear your use of imagery and cues with knowledge. Really appreciate it. Thank you! 
Esther E, thank you for your kind, thoughtful message! All the best to you!!🙏
Thanks for this relaxing class, felt great after babysitting my energetic granddaughter  
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