Mobility For Life<br>Tom McCook<br>Class 5385

Mobility For Life
Tom McCook
Class 5385

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As usual Tom, you get to the point and it so works, thank you
Linda S , Thank you so much! Keep enjoying to get the most benefits from your experience!! Kind regards, Tom🙏
Nicky P
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Well that is a classy class.  Great transitions and easy flowing breath.  Lovely.
Nicky P, Thank you so much!! All the best!😊🙏
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Lovely class with great cueing, thanks Tom very much:)!
Silvia P, thank you very much!! Enjoy and all the best to you!!👊🙏
Lovely class with great cueing, thanks Tom very much:)!
Sue S
Thank you so much Tom McCook for another amazing class! You explain the movements so well and I feel so much better for having done this class. By focussing on mobility in this way we can certainly help our bodies face the world we live in with all its challenges.
Sue S, thank you for your insightful feedback. I agree, through creating a fluid, organized body and mind we’re much more able to respond well to the demands of life. Enjoy and all the best to you!!🙏
Your classes never disapoint. Always full of very useful information and tips. Thanks a lot Tom, and all my best wishes for a happy new year to you and to the Pilates Anytime team :))
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