Sitting Better<br>Tom McCook<br>Class 5386

Sitting Better
Tom McCook
Class 5386

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Thank you so much, Tom, for such an awesome class!  Was just what I needed today.  Can't wait to incorporate this into my classes tomorrow.  Love all of your classes.  More please!$jillc">Jill C  you’re very welcome! Thank you for taking the time to share your experience, I appreciate it!! Enjoy and all the best!!🤗🙏
Maria P
Simple and brilliant as usual! 
(Sitting is the new "smoking" sooo... lol)
Me encantan este tipo de clase donde los alumnos se pueden mover en su zona de confort con un trabajo tan minucioso y consciente. Muchas gracias.
Maria PInma F, Thank you both very much for your comments!! Enjoy and kind regards, Tom
Sue S
Tom McCook Thank you for a lovely class, I sit all day and this was really helpful. 
Sue S , You’re very welcome! Enjoy and move often!! All the best🙏
Thank you so much for the thoughtful and thoroughly planned class on the chair. I really liked the simplicity and that you resisted using too many props making it more available for those who do not have them or would be overwhelmed using them. For the class to be effective the person has to follow you very closely and have good proprioception or develop some. This is a very good class for a lot of populations.
So good...thank you!
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Really love this! I thought this would be a good class with my elderly clients - and it definately is! - but after doing the class myself, I do feel like I had a workout! And I feel really balanced! Thank you Tom!
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