Youthful Spine<br>Tom McCook<br>Class 5387

Youthful Spine
Tom McCook
Class 5387

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Thank you for an another amazing class. I suffer from spinal stenosis and spondylothesis and I feel amazing after doing this class ❤️
Maria PDeb R, Thank you both for your empowering, inspiring feedback!! You're experience and results is the best we can ask for as teachers!! Thank you both and enjoy!
I love Tom and his calm and precision teaching .... kiss from Italy ! I hope too see you next year in Venice !
Federica I/ Federica Iommetti , Thank you so much!! Hopefully we’ll be coming back to Venice soon!❤️🙏
Good program and flawless presentation. Thank you!$copycat,thankyouforyour">Copycat, You're very welcome! Thank you for your kind feedback! 
Taryn Upchurch
This was lovely -- particularly after having spent most of the day working at my desk. I will be coming back to this class/tutorial regularly, as my spine (and lungs) are feeling quite happy now. :)
Another amazing class taught with such precision. I always know I am in for a treat with your work. Many thanks.
Taryn Upchurch &  Clare R, Thank you both for your empowering feedback, I appreciate you taking the time!  Mindful movement is medicine!!😊🙏
Thank you so much for your class!! I feel more relax and flexible!!!’ Love it!!!
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