Energizing and Precise Mat<br>Laura Hanlon<br>Class 5410

Energizing and Precise Mat
Laura Hanlon
Class 5410

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Loved this class! Really enjoyed the precision of every movement and exercise. Wonderful cueing. Thank you! 
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Thank you!  Really fun, challenging class!
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Fun class and great cueing as always- thanks Laura!
Lisa D
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Great cues, thank you! The pace was perfect for me
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lovely class. Thank you Laura¡¡
Michele M
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That was a beautiful and amazing practice! I truly  enjoyed the flow and excited to practice mat, always:D Thank you Laura!!
What a lovely, well taught and challenging class! I will be looking forward to more! This one is now on my personal Mat Class Inspiration list! 
Thank you, Laura - I am just getting back to mat Pilates after a 7-month hiatus. You inspire me to get back to my daily practice. Have a lovely day!
Very good!
9/18/23 - I’m feeling a little bit stronger with each repetition of this lesson. I used a rolled up hand towel behind my upper back to practice the smooth roll up. I saw this in a YouTube lesson. It really helped my brain train what it will be like when I don’t have to use momentum anymore. The teasers are really challenging. I use my arms behind my legs. I would appreciate any pointers to build up to it! I already notice a slight improvement from two weeks ago. Thank you, Laura!
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