Energizing and Precise Mat<br>Laura Hanlon<br>Class 5410

Energizing and Precise Mat
Laura Hanlon
Class 5410

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Wonderful class wonderful teacher💕💕💕
Saphira B
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Really nice combination of challenging exercises and great stretching. Thank you!
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Nice class, enjoyed the precision of the instructions and the variety of activities.
Such a lovely class!  Certainly challenging but the pace, slow and deliberate, allowed precision and flow.  Thank you for kicking off my Labor Day weekend feeling longer and stronger!
Anne M
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Loved it. A favorite teacher!
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Lovely class. Slow and deliberate with lovely cues.
Jelena W
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Love the seatbelt cue ! thank you 
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Lovely.  Loved the "ice-cream scoop" cue.  Class enjoyable and well presented.  Thank you xx
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I enjoyed the precision and conciseness. Great way to start my day; thank you for this class!
Gisela G
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I love the clear cueing, the flow and the beautiful, precise demonstration!
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