Energizing and Precise Mat<br>Laura Hanlon<br>Class 5410

Energizing and Precise Mat
Laura Hanlon
Class 5410

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Thank you Joanna M Couture ! I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying my mat classes!
Patricia W I am glad you are returning to this class and feeling stronger already, that is fantastic! It is certainly not an easy class, and I recommend keeping up with the repetition as you are already seeing improvements. Using the hands behind the legs and keeping knees bend in Teaser is always a modification I offer to clients for more support. You could also practice the Teaser series one leg at a time. I hope this is helpful!
Karen Check out my 7 day challenge, "Total Body Renewal" for more classes utilizing all kinds of fun props! I hope you enjoy :) 
I did this again today and I have really improved since I started practicing again almost two months ago. I’m so excited !
Marian Lunah
A wonderful balance of exercises, I never feel like I go too far with my body even if pushed - definitely a favourite teacher :)
I enjoyed this class so much. Demanding, but with such good energy it was over before I wanted it to be!
Lauren S
The ice cream scooper cue is such a great and universal way to imagine the scoop in the lower abdominals
I did the teasers! I used a little momentum , but I am on way way! Thank you for your encouragement, Laura!.
Maria P
IMHO Laura is the Queen of teasers! I finally understood how to correctly to them by watching her workouts!
Maria P
*do them
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