Knees Over Toes Reformer<br>Viktor Uygan<br>Class 5416

Knees Over Toes Reformer
Viktor Uygan
Class 5416

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Marney M
I love this class. Thank you very much.
Kelly V
love love love - thank you for being functional and using the body the way it was designed to move. please do more more more x
Viktor Uygan
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Melissa D so happy to hear you enjoyed the functional flexibility movements and Loved the class. Thank you for moving with me!
Viktor Uygan
Beverly L Happy to hear you like to class and don't we all have lot to work on 🤣
Viktor Uygan
Rachel P Hi Rachel, glad to hear you enjoy the class and sequencing.  Regarding feeling a lot of torque on your knee, these are a couple of things to consider: 
1- Resistance level: Is it too heavy
2- Joint angle: Does it help change the angle of your knee joint
3- ROM: Size of the equipment and client and how it affects the movement alignment 
Let me know if this makes sense.
Viktor Uygan
You are welcome Beth H thank you for moving with me 🙏🏻
Viktor Uygan
Swana B. , thank you for letting me know you enjoyed my class's creativity and challenging variations. Hope to Konnect with more videos in the near future
Viktor Uygan
Marney M I'm thrilled to hear that you enjoyed the Knees Over Toes Reformer class!
Viktor Uygan
Kelly V It warms my heart to know that you appreciate and value the importance of human movement! 🤗🫶🏻
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