Mobilizing Mat<br>Sally Anderson<br>Class 5435

Mobilizing Mat
Sally Anderson
Class 5435

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Lynnette R
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Very nice joint mobility movements. Good cueing!
Cheryl L
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Great class, now feel so much more supple!
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GREAT Cueing along with joint mobility.  Body feels great!  
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I really appreciate the focus on T spine and rib movement and also enjoyed the way the foam roller was incorporated.  As always, great cueing and creative approach to joint mobility!  Thank you!
Julie Lloyd
This has to be an all-time favourite class for me. My tight hip flexors feel released, and my lungs feel nice and open. thank you for an amazing class Sally!
Great class! Nice variations on traditional movements. Excellent cueing. Very much appreciate your classes Sally🤍
Sally Anderson
Thank you all for the amazing feedback 🙏 🤗  I am delighted to hear this class is providing such great outcomes and I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know. Lynnette R Cheryl L Janice M Wendy B Julie L Janie Flemming 
Sue S
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Sally Anderson My first class with you and just what my stiff body needed this morning after a more vigorous class yesterday. Thank you so much. I also have really tight hip flexors and sometimes feel like I spend most of my time undoing the tension there :)
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This was just what I needed after a busy day at my desk. I especially appreciated the tension released in my shoulders. Thank you so much Sally.
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Great 👍🇩🇰😊
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