Advanced Arm & Back Reformer<br>Lesley Logan<br>Class 5455

Advanced Arm & Back Reformer
Lesley Logan
Class 5455

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Amy K
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Awesome class, Lesley! I’ll definitely be doing this again, and using these cues and exercises with my husband who struggles to find the connection to his back. 
Amy K woohoo! LOVE reading this! Glad to hear you love it and you can pass the info along to your hubs! xx~LL 
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Thank you Lesley! I really appreciate the way you teach, it just makes sense to me and my body.
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Great cues and great class!  I’ve always struggled finding my back arm connection so this will be a go to for me. 
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Rachel May woohoo! I love reading this! I love helping this work make sense in bodies so my day is made xx~LL 
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Kimberly R yay! Take it and the Intermediate one as much as you want! If you haven't seen the tutorial with it yet check it out. And, enjoy the practice. It takes time. Some days are better than others. But you'll get it! xx~LL 
Suzanne F
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Great class! I needed a good challenge and this was perfect 👌🏼
Suzanne F love it! SO happy this class gave you a the challenge you were looking for! xx~LL 
Amy W
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Great class. Just when I think I’ve got that arm/back connection, I fall apart in overhead and snake. Guess that’s why it’s a practice. Thank you Leslie for keeping me working!!
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Amy W ohhh Overhead, make sure you've got heavy enough springs and your chin lifts up. Those two things can be culprits. Snake, check your body weight, half in arms and half in legs. But, legs move the Snake :) Also, its so ok to have exercises that give you a check in on how your connections are coming. We don't need to be perfect! xx
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