Commit to Your Movements<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 5476

Commit to Your Movements
Kristi Cooper
Class 5476

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Julie Lloyd
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Great class Kristi. Just the right amount of everything. I always feel strong and spacious after your class.  Thank you x
Rachel B
Ends weirdly abruptly, at what seems like the start of a lower body sequence. Is there meant to be a longer version or a part 2?
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Nice stretch in this class! I paired it with Meredith's #2908.  Thanks for a good start to the week!
Marchel A
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Rachel B The ending looks good, I think you may have run into some technical issues. Please try again and let us know at if you need further assistance. 
Annie R
Always attracts to any  Kristi Class.  Good basic reminders of great form.  And know will feel the slowness in my abs tomorrow.  
Wow, that was just what I needed after the day I had. Straight to my favourites playlist. Thank you!
Thank you!
Sue S
Super, thank you!
Great ab and upper back work. Thank you! 
I only have 1 word for this workout - PERFECTION. 
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