Classic Intermediate Mat<br>Brett Howard<br>Class 5506

Classic Intermediate Mat
Brett Howard
Class 5506

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All my favourite teachers in one class! I loved this class, jealous of the little massage at the end.
Maria P
Brilliant workout with all the Pilates Anytime celebrities!
Very nice class, Brett, thank you. New excercises, I am looking forward to practise this class.
Great class Brett! I’m also jealous of the love at the end ! 
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Fantastic class! Brett, your humor and laughter made the class fly by! This is definitely being saved to my “Do Again!” Playlist!
Agnese G
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Thanks Brett for this amazing class! All my favourite teachers together! Top quality as always
that is some talent there on the mat. beautiful as always xx
Just love Brett's way of teaching. Gentle coaxing you on and feel great at the end.
5 of my favorite PA instructors all in the same class!! Loved this one so much- the time went by so fast. Loved all the variations on the traditional work-thanks Brett!
So much fun!
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