Classic Intermediate Mat<br>Brett Howard<br>Class 5506

Classic Intermediate Mat
Brett Howard
Class 5506

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Robin P
This class took me back to my first pilates mat classes 22 years ago. The full mat sequence with 3 reps is rejuvenating and your queues are fantastic. This will be on repeat.  Thanks!!
Kay S
Thankyou Brett, this is now the 2nd time I've done this great class!
love it!! 
Loved this, especially the short but multiple rests in between!
Adam M
Enjoyed this very much, esp the variations on familiar exercises. Keeps things fresh and interesting. I’ll return to this one.
Adam M
Very enjoyable class. I appreciate the variations on familiar movements. Keeps things interesting. I’ll do this one again!
Ellen M
You know it’s good when you’re smiling at the end. Thanks, Brett, for a great classic class. Loved watching the other great teachers doing the class, too. 
Excellent class Bret, love your teaching style! Thank you
AMAZING like always Brett!! Thank you so much !
Ellie T
Nice approach to the more traditional mat exercises with a great pace and clear cues. Fun class!
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