Healthy Spine Reformer<br>Leah Stewart<br>Class 5530

Healthy Spine Reformer
Leah Stewart
Class 5530

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Lovely class! Very thoughtful and full of joy. I especially appreciated your seated spine warm up -- such a beautiful way to open a spine-focused class. Cheers!
Leah, I did your classes through my pregnancies when you were also going through yours. I also have four children. Wishing you healing and joy. This was a delightful class. 😊
Kate A
Beautiful class! Thank you so much for awakening my spine in refreshing ways!
Cassie Y
Absolutely amazing class!
Fiona G
Amazing class, thank you. My back really needed that! 
Robin S
really enjoyable. loved how simple and challenging it was. Thank you @pilatesanytime for highlight this awesome teacher! 
exactly the class I needed to finish my week with 🙏🏼
This was a beginner to intermediate intro class not an Advanced
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