Mat for a Healthy Pelvis<br>Claire Sparrow<br>Class 5560

Mat for a Healthy Pelvis
Claire Sparrow
Class 5560

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Lisa Hubbard
This is one to frequent, thank you Claire, my body is tingling!
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I really enjoyed this - top marks. 

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Thank you for this gem of a class - spiraling the foot and ankle to straighten the leg felt so sensational!
Great class for guys, too ;))
Thanks, Claire !
Grace A
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The difference between my pelvis before and after is incredible. Thank you so much, Claire!
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Great freedom in hips and pelvis afterwards. Thank you
Marie D
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Wonderful and very generous class. I was wondering if all the steps are safe after a hip replacement (one year ago). Thank you very much!
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Interesting and easiest Seal  I have ever done !
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Simply Magical class 🙏
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superb teacher
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