Precise Theraband<br>Rebekah Rotstein<br>Class 597

Precise Theraband
Rebekah Rotstein
Class 597

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very begining-nothing new
Bobbie this is a level 1 class. It is specifically designed for people who are beginners to Pilates. I'm guessing if you recognized a lot of the material you are of a skill level higher than a level 1. There are loads of classes of Level 2 and 2/3 that I hope you will enjoy.
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I am a Pilates teacher and level 1 classes can be very special. They help me with cues, and improve my movements so I can help my students to improve their practice. Never stop learning!!! Thanks Rebecca and PA.
A fantastic class with wonderful cues and transitions for all levels. I love 'Wheels on the Pelvis'. So many new ideas. So a big 'Thank you' Rebekah.
Loved this class, Rebekah. Clear, concise instructions, with a few different takes on the everyday exercises. Particularly liked some of the rotational movements you did. I can see my clients loving those! Thanks again.
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TY Rebekah.. love getting back to basics always.. your cues are so informative!! Keep coming back to PA as much as you can.
Your percision and quality of instruction is so welcoming - very easy to follow and challenging for any level! Thank you Rebekah
I really enjoyed this- lots of ideas and cues for all levels.
This is my very first class on the website, really enjoyed it. Nice to go back to the basics and really focus on the core. Thanks a mil!
I'm very new to pilates. What size ball is this? This class seems very doable. I watched another instructor's class which seemed far more advanced.
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