Back to Basics Mat<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 602

Back to Basics Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 602

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Now I know! The basics aren't easy at all. I'd never done a Level 1/2 class before...when I joined the online community I watched all the individual exercise demonstrations and then went directly to Level 2 and "progressed" from there to 2/3 and even 3. I knew depth, focus and challenge could be found at any level (having learned that lesson from other sports) but today I really got how that applies to Pilates. Thanks.
I agree with Joni! I usually pass up the level 1/2 classes, but decided to do this class after reading her review. I expect to be sore tomorrow!! Thanks, Meredith. You never disappoint me.
Happy New Year ladies....I find when I need the GREATEST challenge I go back to the basics and try to go deeper. Thanks for coming with me!
Great class, love working with the ring. Excellent cueing as always. Thank you!
Great challenge! Your cueing is amazing. Thanks Meredith, learn something new every class I do with you.
Loved this. Doing this one again.
So happy to hear from y'all!! Thank you very much.
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I have just joined Pilates Anytime and this is the first video I have looked at - Haven't done the class yet but it looks great. If all the classes are as good as this I just know I am going to enjoy Pilates Anytime ahd have done the right thing.Ann Sweeney
HI Ann
You will enjoy all the classes. I have taken quite a few and just love them all.
Thank you, Meredith, for another beautiful class! As a new member here there are many other teachers I'd like to try but I find myself drawn to your teaching style. Lovely. Just lovely. And I don't know about anyone else, but for me this was deep work! Didn't feel too beginner at all!
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