Quick Theraband Tune-Up
Kristi Cooper
Class 621

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Absolutely love this when I need a quicky or energized. Thanks Kristi
Kristi: I love your personality. It really projects through the computer! Keep that joyful disposition. It's unique and much needed in the world. I love the theraband and hope to see more level 2/3 classes!!
Excellent wake-up for the whole body. Kristi, I think this one should be added to the shoulder stabilization group. Even though there's not a lot of cueing, more advanced practitioners will 'get it'.
Thank you Colleen! I will add it!
I would like to know what I can do about my left shoulder being slightly higher than my right and it is a lot tighter on the left side of my back. My left lat is tighter than my right too. Thanks in advance.
Amena, I would recommend working with a teacher in person. We all have imbalances similar to yours. I think the first step is letting someone help you find an alignment in your work that will begin to help you loosen whats tight and strengthen whats weak. If there is a structural reason for the imbalance, all the more reason to see someone in person. Day to day, be mindful whether you carry things only on one side etc...
Thank you Kristi...I will look for a pilates instructor in my area that can help.
Nice arm work. I could squeeze it between everything. Love your energy Kristi!
YAY Kristi !!! My first video on your pilates anytime!! LOVED it sooooo excited to view them all !!!! Thank you!! love, Suzanne
YAY Suzanne!!! Welcome to Pilates Anytime!!! So nice to "see" you here!! We have a lot of good classes (736 as of today), I hope you do check them all out! Take your time of course. I will also say that some of my favorite features on the site are in the Learning Center. I think the discussions with the various instructors are really informative and a great way to learn about our Pilates history. They take some time to get through, but you can always watch just one chapter at a time. Anyway, I'm really glad you're here. Thanks for commenting too. I trust your still "singing your song (see Cara Reeser's discussion for the Pilates reference)" too.
See link in next post.
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