Quick Theraband Tune-Up
Kristi Cooper
Class 621

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Great quick workout Kristi- adding it to my favorites!
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Definitely a battery recharging quickie. As soon as I heard "this last exercise" I was thinking...noooooo!
The cueing for the shoulders on the band assisted roll up provided new insight to an exercise I'd done many times before. Thanks.
Thanks ladies!
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I loved it!!
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love the quickie workouts I can fit them in between clients!
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Thanks Kristi! A great one for my upper back, and nice and quick I love the short ones
Gorgeous program for a busy girl...thank you Kristi!
Nice quickie to squeeze into the day! Love it! Thx Kristi :)
Great class. Filled with lots of good exercises for the person on the go. Thank you!
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Great exercises in a short program! I loved when you shared that you were nervous. Happens to me when I teach sometimes too. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one!
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