Pilates Hands On Workshop<br>Jennifer Kries<br>Workshop 624

Pilates Hands On Workshop
Jennifer Kries
Workshop 624

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I can't wait to experince hands on cues on my clients ! You are very inspiring Jeniffer and this is a very satisfying workshop! I got so much out of it ! Thank you very very much to you...and thank you very much to Pilates Anytime for bringing such passionate instructor !
Warm regards from Switzerland.
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I would like to know weather I can pay for this workshop via PayPal? And if so how do I do that?
It looks fantastic.
Thank you.
Dear Iris, We only offer the option to purchase workshops using a credit card. We do not presently offer payment via PayPal.
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What a wonderful workshop! Hands on cueing is one of the things people are most scared of and a skill teachers find challenging to practice and develop. Jennifer's confidence and ease comes across so beautifully and it is great to see how the person being touched-guided responds immediately. One thing I wanted to ask is- why do you say that the hip flexors engage in a posterior pelvic tilt (tuck)? You mention it a number of times... Many thanks Jennifer and many thanks to Kristy and PA!! Amit
Dearest Kirsty,
First of all, please accept my apologies for the delay in responding to your amazingly wonderful message here! It is so great to hear from you and to know how much you enjoyed the workshop! I am humbled and touched by your incredible compliment about being a role model for other women, the very young and young women like you! :))) Big hug to you in Scotland, Kirsty, and here's to hoping we meet in person one day soon!
With gratitude and great warmth to you for your generous sentiments!
Dear Berna,

I want to thank you for your wonderful feedback and for your enthusiasm! Thrilled that you are excited to try the techniques on your clients, and I am eager to hear what the results have been. Please stay in touch and send an update!
With warm regards to you in Switzerland,
Dear Amit,
Thank you for your lovely compliments and observations about the workshop. Delighted that you enjoyed it! Regarding your query about the posterior pelvic tuck and engagement of the hip flexors, trying it on your own body is the best approach here, so that you can get a visceral experience of this case in point. Most people when asked to connect to their abdominals while in a supine position, will almost automatically recruit their hip flexors rather than the rectus abdominis and transverse abs in order to get their spine "flat" to the mat. What the hands-on the hip flexors technique does, is bring people into a new awareness of isolating the hip flexors from the use of the abdominals in successfully and economically achieving an anchored, "navel-to-spine" connection to the mat.
Does this clarify things for you in this domain? I hope so!
My very best to you!
Paola Maruca
I must say I had goosebumps all the way through the workshop. There are no words to describe Jennifer Kries. Not only she is a wonderful instructor (also this word to me is not enough) but you can tell she does what she does from love and passion. You can tell she is a very compassionate human being simply by paying attention to the way she talks to people, the way she laughs, the way 'she cares'...a true inspiration....I really hope and wish to meet her one day....thank you jennifer and , as always, thank you PA for giving us the best of the best...I am really starting to feel pretty spoiled by all of you :) :) :)
Dear Paola,
:) I have to tell you that I had goosebumps when I read your message! Thank you so much for your amazingly kind words, and I am so very glad that you enjoyed watching the workshop the way that you did. It would be my great pleasure to meet you in person one day. And I can only echo your wonderful sentiments about Pilates Anytime! (this word is also not enough to describe how exceptional PA is- agreed!) :)
Sending you a big hug from afar and a wish to see you in person one day at the beautiful Padaro Beach studio!
Warmest regards,
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Thank You for sharing your Love
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