Reformer Flow<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 64

Reformer Flow
Kristi Cooper
Class 64

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I do not have an actual reformer, so I did this class last night on my Pilates Performer that I bought from QVC a few years ago. I hadn't used it in ages, because I never felt like it was giving me any results. I am surprisingly sore this morning. I don't have a box, and I'm not sure one would even fit on my little home machine, so I just crawled over on to the floor and did something else during the box portion. All in all, I felt like I've had a good workout.
Love to hear the resourcefulness going on in your home! It would be neat to hear what modifications or exercise choices you made so others without boxes could get some ideas. Thanks for the feedback!
Oh Kristi! I live in Brazil, but I would certainly travel to have a class with you. Your cues are awesome! I really enjoy your classes from here!Thanks!
Wow! I'd love to have you in class Marianne, but that's quite a commute! Perhaps we build a trip around a workshop and some good weather! Let us know if you're headed this way!
Thank you!
I enjoyed the class, thank you. Just a note for clarification there is one prop required; the long box. Thanks again : )
HI Suzy ~ glad you liked the class. You'll find that about 95 percent of the Reformer classes will use the box. Although many home editions of reformers don't come with the box included, the box is traditionally considered a feature of the Reformer. The classical order of exercises requires the use of the box very early in the workout whether you are beginner or advanced so I made the decision a while ago to not list the box as a prop. If you do have a box, you can almost always assume that it will be used for one or two exercises. Sorry you didn't have this info before you started class that day. I know its frustrating when in the middle of class you either have to run and get the prop or quickly find a modification.
A wonderful beginning to do on home reformer.
Thank you Jasmin! Can you tell me what home Reformer you have? We're always interested to serve the specific needs of the home Reformer but are still looking to know which ones are the most common. Your input would really help. Thank you!
The cueing for the frogs was a little confusing to me. Otherwise, absolutely wonderful class; full body workout & stretching. Feeling good!
Thank you for the feedback Mary!
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