Quick Mat Flow<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 642

Quick Mat Flow
Kristi Cooper
Class 642

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Loved your face pace short workout. I wish you would do a class doing exercises with resistant tubing! Thanks Kristi for this great pilates web site!
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Very efficient & effective 10 minutes. Love the cue with SLS with both feet pointing to same spot. Thank you...my absolute favorite website!
Thank you both! Both of you are always so engaged and open to new things, old things... all things Pilates! No wonder we get along!
Sharon O
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Love this! Thank you--great energy and strong movements to wake us (or keep us awake)
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Got a little sweat going! Love it, full body experience in short time!
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Fantastic class! The cue for SLS was great and the DLS variation nice as well. I also really appreciated the cueing for reaching the arms back while in the ab curl. Thank you Kristi!
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Wonderful as always! Perfect 10 minutes to get moving in the morning (for someone who hates exercising early in the morning!). Thank you!
Myriam Kane
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Kristi...on a misty Herndon morning you transported me to the beach for an efficient and wake-up....thank you!
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Great little class! I liked it!!
Thanks everyone. That was such a pretty day. I was really happy to be teaching for those ten minutes.
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