Quick Mat Flow<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 642

Quick Mat Flow
Kristi Cooper
Class 642

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Great quick stretch and strength workout...wasn't thinking of practicing today until I saw this...what I loved most- pointing at same thing in SLS and DLS...and lengthening rather than increasing in height in swimming...thanks Kristi
Isn't it the best, when you were going to skip it but then reminded yourself how so little could do so much?! Thank you Aarthi!
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Fantastic 10 minutes! It doesn't need to be long to be totally encompassing & effective. Thank you Kristi!
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Thank you! This was an awesome short workout. Great challenge and LOVED the pace! More like this please!
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Proving that it's not quantity, it's quality! Thanks!
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loved this class..and the scenery! Thanks Kristi!
Kristy! I love your 10 min workouts! Please post many more!!
I'll get back in there soon and do some more Marta. Thanks for the feedback
This was a great post-run workout :) lovely visualization!
Thanks Tania!
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