Tour of your Body<br>Brent Anderson<br>Class 667

Tour of your Body
Brent Anderson
Class 667

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That was an amazing and captivating class!! The descriptive flow of movement throughout the session was phenominal and the body awareness that is felt. Thank you Brent and PA!! I would love to see a workshop by Brent here on PA!!
I also would love to see a workshop by Brent on PA !
marie-josée packwood
I am overwhelmed by the sweet comments. I look forward to doing more with Kristi and PA real soon.
To second Kate Towsey.....yes WOW. Was looking foward to studying this all day and it was above my expectation. Thank you thank you thank you. Most definitely sharing with my students! And specifically designed for those in the room...again - WOW
Brent is such an amazing instructor whom I had the honor of working with while I was studying with Polestar. This class reminded me why I love Pilates and am eternally grateful for Polestar and Brent. To never stop learning!!!!
I too am grateful for all the comments here, but even more so for Brent's willingness to fly across country to work with us. I am a huge fan of his and am very honored to be able to share his work here. Oh! It gets better! We have TWO workshops coming from Brent that were filmed on this trip! One on back care and one on Raising the bar of professionalism. We are in the editing process of both and hope to get them out to you soon.
I agree with Kate! WOW! Is Easter morning, and this completely made my day! Thank you
Elizabeth D
That's excellent news Kristi! Can't wait for the workshops. Thanks again to all at PA and to Brent for making this possible.
I SECOND KATE: WOW. I am in Pilates-love. I'm googling Brent to find him and hug him. Thanks Pilates Anytime for this. PLEASE MOOOOORE!
love this! love Brent and Polestar.. many familiar movements. Brilliant work PA for giving us the opportunity to see Brent in action :)
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