Foam Roller Release<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 681

Foam Roller Release
Meredith Rogers
Class 681

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Good stretching class. It's labeled a level 2/3 class in the title heading and then a 1/2 in the description. I'd agree it's a 1/2 as mentioned in the written description.
Valerie, I also agree that the level should be set at 1/2. Thanks for taking class!
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We'll fix it now.
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Love doing exercises on my foam roller! Thanks for the class
Anna L
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Those were amazing hip stretches - especially the transition into the IT band stretch and the hip flexor stretches. Thank you so much Meredith! Love your classes and the way you transition from one movement to another!
Thanks ladies. I always appreciate hearing from you!
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I really enjoyed this session- lovely stretches with nice transitions. Thank you
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Love, love, love this!!!
Really like the extra balance and core strength needed for the leg lifts. Spine massage works the kinks out of the fascia. Poor buffering on the download, restarted itself twice, so didn't get the IT band work.
Thanks everyone. So sorry Sally.
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