Foam Roller Release
Meredith Rogers
Class 681

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very very nice, smooth class Meri :) Needed that!
Thanks Lisa!
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Thank you Meredith for this wonderful class! I felt such a big difference in my lower back and hips immediately!
Great to hear, Rena! Happy holidays :)
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Perfect mix of ab work and stretch for a "good morning" workout. Thanks!
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Great class. Why is foam roller not listed as an option in the prop list filter? That way we could find more classes like this.
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Oops! just found it :)
Thank you Gabrielle and Virginia!
mmmmmMARVELOUS. just fyi, the strengthening section of the class is the same stuff that i was given a few years ago in new york at a physical therapist office when i hurt my lower back. at the end of this class i felt 3" taller than when I started.
Great to hear Yakov, thank you so much!
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