Mat Workout
Meredith Rogers
Class 682

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fantastic full body workout in just half an hour LOVED IT!!!!
Thank You Meredith for yet Another Wonderful Class !!
I always enjoy your classes because your cueing is supreme :) and the workout is deep, especially in flow ~
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You did it! And thanks to your wonderful instruction so will all of us each time we return to this speedy but satisfying workout. Thanks dear heart.
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Loved it please add more 30 minute work outs they are a great way to start my morning before work
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Just about to do this class to kick of my sunday the right way. Looking forward to it
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great workout!
Fabulous ~ loved it! Great power packed session!
Thank you! ;)
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Great class!
Thanks everyone!!! 30 minutes is tough for me...I'm hardwired for one hour. So glad you liked it.
Joni...thanks! Love you!
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