Franklin Method Mat<br>Tom McCook<br>Class 689

Franklin Method Mat
Tom McCook
Class 689

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I am a little confused why this is called a "mat" workout, when clearly there is no Pilates mat done.....I think it should be renamed as experimental anatomy or some other such thing.
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Thankyou Tom this was a valuable lesson. Would these exercises be good for tennis performers and could we use tennis balls for the footwork?
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So much great information in Tom's class! His warm-up is a great way to start moving and increase circulation. Loved the Franklin Ball and Thera Band. Tom has a nice, easy way of instructing.
Deborah, the reason this is called Mat is because people felt Tom's intro to his full Mat class which you can see here, merited its own class. I see your point and also thought if I said it was a Franklin warm-up in the description it would be enough for folks to decide. I'll think on how else I can describe it. Thank you.
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I love this warm-up. Tom is quite an amazing teacher. Yes this could be called mat work. It's an amazing way to warm-up the body.
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This is really a good class. I got some energy now. It gave me some lift :)
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Thanks for the reply Kristi, it is jus there is so much confusion in the public right now about what Pilates is....I say the intro and did appreciate that, but again would like to see a seperate category.
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Very nice work. Love the therapeutic aspects to this workout.
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I loved this, very simple yet so effective and calming. Tom, you are an excellent teacher!
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I am BLOWN AWAY: 4 minutes into the class my right arm is longer and more flexible than the arm I haven't worked yet. Incredible!
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