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Workshop 690

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These should be free and part of the membership fee.
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Loved this workshop. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn from these very distinguised instructors. It's priceless!
Thank you for your feedback Jessica. The folks in this workshop Paid $150.00 to participate live. This is a discount from what the normal rate of what it would cost to take a workshop with someone of the caliber of Madeline Black ($225 -$250).
It is the express interest of PA to offer the best in Pilates education when we can. I'm sorry we cannot do it as part of the $18 a month subscription fee. We hoped that $69.00 with unlimited access to view it, for as long as we are in business would, suffice for those who could not travel to see Madeline in person.
For those who chose not to view Madeline's workshop, we made sure they could still get to know her by offering several of her classes, including a few that were offered in her workshop, as part of the membership fee. Click here if you haven't had the chance to see them.
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I want to thank you for bringing these workshops to us. Not only does it save us money on the price of the workshop but also travel and hotel expenses.
You are most welcome Susanna. What you have said here is specifically why we started including the workshops. Thank you for sharing your feedback!
That is to say Ditto to Susanna.. well said.
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In addition to saving money, I'm able to get my cec's, at my convenience, when I have the time, and in the comfort of my own home. And can watch again for review.
You guys are as good as a commercial! I'm so glad you are happy! We have more great workshops on the way. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts here.
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It's nuts to think a workshop of this caliber would be free. I think it's fantastic to have access to this learing and education from the convenience of my home or studio. I had the privilege of meeting and visiting with Madeline and having a private session with her a few weeks back when in California. This is a wonderful opportunity. Thanks Kristen and PA
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