Support The Arms<br>Madeline Black<br>Workshop 690

Support The Arms
Madeline Black
Workshop 690

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I mean Kristi.....:)
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Love all the workshops. Thank you for bringing us Madeline Black, Julian Littleford, Brent Anderson...the list goes on!!
Personally I would welcome a workshop/workout on breast cancer, masectomy recovery.
Great idea Gaynor! Do you have someone in mind you'd like me to ask?
No one in particular, but someone with a great depth of knowledge, there is so much to be aware of. Perhaps a mat class to begin with, pointing out the osteoporosis modifications. Eventually I would love to see a full workshop!
Thank You Gaynor.
I printed out my certificate, but Madelines signature is in the participants place so gets printed over, hoping you can fix. Thanks.
I'll send this message to Ted who will know what to do Gaynor. Sorry about that. We'll make it right.
Hi Kristi--Was/is there a link to download Madeline's slide show? I have the slides from her Hip Connections Workshop, but am not seeing the same option for Support The Arms. Thanks so much for such fabulous information!
Hi Jill,
I'm not sure in this moment why we don't have the download for the slideshow... I'll look into it!
Thanks Kristi--I am so grateful for you and Pilates Anytime. It has been a life saver during my stay at home parenting time :)
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