Elongating Reformer<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 693

Elongating Reformer
Courtney Miller
Class 693

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Thank you Courtney for another great reformer class!! Love the new material and ideas that I can bring to my own classes!
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Courtney , You do the most Interesting things on the reformer!! I cant wait to introduce some of these movements to my clients.. not to mention Myself!
Hoping you will do a session on the Cadillac or Tower.
Its a joy having you here. I always know its going to be good!
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I loved the articulate cueing!
Courtney Miller
Hi everyone! This class made my mind and body feel so refreshed and rebalanced! Hope you all enjoy it!
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Great Class! Love the cuing and enjoying Courtney and her Stott perspective!
I absolutely LOVE your classes and cues! I've been watching all of your classes every week, so PLEASE keep posting!! I teach at a studio in Tustin, Ca..but would LOVE to take a class from you!! Where do u mainly teach at if u dont mind me asking??
Amazing as always!! :)
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i love this class!!!!so great and challenging exercises!!! thank you Courthney ..
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Seamless choreography. Loved the Sgl leg pulling straps Any tips on wrists. I've been Pilates-ing for over 7 years. Apparatus for over 5. Certified instructor and still I tend to feel those pesky wrists. Thank you again. You rock!
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Another super class!! Please keep the Stott style coming.
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Love this class!! Thanks Courtney!
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