Athletic Conditioning Flow<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 694

Athletic Conditioning Flow
Courtney Miller
Class 694

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Courtney this was a exellent ,amazing reformer workout!!!Can wait to do it with my clients .Hope to see more classes from you .
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I really benefited from the cueing of this workout. I also enjoy the nice pace and sequencing of the exercises. Courtney's knowledge of anatomy and cueing is once again helping me to be a better instructor....I absolutely love PA!
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What a treat for a Saturday morning! Great body awareness. I loved the variations as well as the explanations behind the muscle focus changes when the spring tension changes. Your cueing was spot-on. Thank you, Courtney.
Courtney Miller
Thanks everyone! I really loved doing this class! I was sore after!
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Really nice class, Courtney- its in my favorites list! Learned some new variations, criss cross and double leg stretch on the long box with straps around the thighs and really excellent cueing, "soften the elbows and set the shoulders down the back" for push ups. Mahalo PA for featuring a STOTT instructor.
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Fantastic. Can't wait to do this one tomorrow am. Bike to beach then Reformer w/ Courtney. Think I can even adapt some of this to the mat for my students You rock. Thank you!
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wonderful class ! Great explanation on muscle focus , very good workout for all kind of athletes and lots of very interesting and fun variations !!!! Thanks Courtney !!!
I will be sore.....!!!!
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I loved this class. Enjoyed the cueing and the variations and use of the ball with the leg and abdominal exercises.
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Bravo Courtney! Nice variations and I like that this class can be modified for all the levels without too much change in the movements.
Courtney Miller
Great to hear from you all! Thank you so much for your comments and enjoy the class!
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