Athletic Conditioning Flow<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 694

Athletic Conditioning Flow
Courtney Miller
Class 694

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What a great concept to use the ball between the thighs during footwork to make sure you press evenly through both legs!
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I liked this too...Courtney made it easy to follow with great explanations.
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I really like this class, lots of new variations for me (not Stott trained), and I will enjoy working in some of these variations to challenge my clients, most of whom are not athletes but will benefit greatly I am sure from these variations! Great class! Thanks.
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Courtney I love that I can find another Stott instructor on Pilates Anytime!!!!!! I enjoyed your class!!
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Wow! another brilliant class!! Loved the athletic conditioning approach. It's the first athletic conditioning one on this site.
Was it just me or did you forget to tell us to switch arms when we were doing kneeling barberpole torso rotations on the second side? The first side you told us to switch arms.. the second side you didn't. Pls remind us so we don't get lopsided, or tell us how many to do on one side. It would help. Thanks. I continue to love your classes and hope you'll teach more.
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Just got done doing this workout and my oh my...AWESOME! Can't wait to see what my clients think : )
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Finally a Stott instructor! You are brilliant!
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Merci beaucoup Courtney!
Very good workout.
I love the way you teach and thee way share your knowledge!
Best regards!
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Wonderful class, Courtney! I am new to Pilates Anytime and am loving it. With twins and a crazy work schedule, I was not getting to do enough Pilates. Now I can and the instructors are fabulous!
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As all have said, Courtney, this is an outstandingly-cued, constructed, and executed routine. I think combining (1) the long stretch and pushups, and (2) the tendon stretch and triceps dips is an excellent variation, and really like keeping the hands separated in the kneeling-rotation sequence. Thanks much!
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