Romana Reformer Flow<br>Brett Howard<br>Class 698

Romana Reformer Flow
Brett Howard
Class 698

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Oh My Goodness Brett ~ Awesome Class :)
LOVE The Comic (pain) Relief ~ Impeccable curing as usual
Thank You
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Oh my goodness is right! Fabulous instructor, now would love to see a class performed by Brett!! Thank you.
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Love classical apparatus!!! Beautiful teaching! Would love to see all apparatus sessions with Brett. Thank you, thank you, thank you for Pilates Anytime!!!
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Brett, you are a treasure and lovely to hear you teach!
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I could watch Brett all day long - what a gifted teacher! Next best thing to being there!!
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Great class. I liked the eve's lunge variations at the end.
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Great class Brett! Big thanks! :D
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I did not find this class of the high quality that others thought. First of all he said "chin to the chest". This creates over-flexion of the neck flexors and minimal flexion of the torso. The flexion should always come with the central core. I also felt there was no continuity with the program. He had the class up and down with no progressions to the exercises.
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Brett I could watch you all day teaching you are a top class ,,,
This is pilates and I like the way you deliver it from my experience some teachers doing a mess you are clean
Thank you
Agree with Dolly, would love to see Brett teaching all apparatus. The mat and chair sessions that I have viewed were excellent as well as this one.
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