Pelvis Awareness Mat<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 718

Pelvis Awareness Mat
Monica Wilson
Class 718

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Thank You so much Monica, really liked this class and using the Magic Circle is a great way for me to reconnect.
You have such a supportive and encouraging style :)
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I say DEFINITELY level 2 :D

I always learn so much/make new connections in your class, Monica! Thank you, PA and Monica! Every day here is delicious!
Do you work in neutral spine, neutral pelvis or flat back in the matwork?
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This in an excellent class drawing awareness to the intention of the exercises. Monica you are an excellent and encouraging teacher and kudos to the students. This class is excellent observation for teachers as well. Press the hips! Thank you you!
monica is excellent loved this class.
Great class for hip/pelvis/SI connections! I love your simple straight-forward instructions and encouraging style. Thank you, Monica!
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Terrific class, especially for those of us trained by Romana instructors!
Thanks, nice and encouraging lesson. I was stiff from a run and this just rounded me out! Super.
Monica Wilson
Glad it helped!
I love that PA has "real clients" who resemble the women I'm teaching and provides the opportunity to observe such expert teachers motivate them through such a thorough session. thank you PA and thank you Monica for such excellent cues and explanations.
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