Pelvis Awareness Mat<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 718

Pelvis Awareness Mat
Monica Wilson
Class 718

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Enjoyed joining the class with real people! Doing this for a while now, mostly in real classes and have enjoyed finding PA for when I'm away from home. But still can't do roll ups!
"Squeeze your hips together" that's what has been missing from my practice and may have added to my lower back injury. Monica I can't thank you enough for your classes. Returning after a back injury has been so difficult, but you are showing me in these beginner classes, what I've been doing wrong. You're a blessing to me. 
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Great workout! I keep the closed captioning on because of my hearing. I had to laugh because at 23:28, you are saying, "Down. Good." CC is saying, "Damn good." 
Hagar S
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Great classical Pilates class.
Monica Wilson
Thank you Hagar! So glad you enjoyed this class! Blessings, Monica
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