Spiral Mat Patterns<br>Rebekah Rotstein<br>Class 724

Spiral Mat Patterns
Rebekah Rotstein
Class 724

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Good class, it gave me more ideas to work with the theraband with my clients. Danielle, Luxembourg
Very creative use of the theraband! Your comment about the neck tension you pointed out at the beginning of class is a spot on description of what I notice on a regular basis, so thank you for the stretching suggestion to help with this issue. This is one of those subtle workouts that I suspect I'll notice the muscles I used today, more tomorrow. ;) Love the variations, Love using props! Thanks Rebekah!
Excellent. Lots of new ideas. Hope to see some reformer work soon too.
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Wow Rebekah! I have a client with a very bad Kyphosis and some of these would be great to use with her. You really are an inspiration! Thank you.
I love tis CLASS!!
so wonderful. i usually HATE the band, but this has made me appreciate it!
I never worked my band as much as I did now. Fantastic! My hands are buzzing :) loved it!
Excellant class, great shoulder exercises
Katarina S
Great class Rebekah - thank you.
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