Spiral Mat Patterns<br>Rebekah Rotstein<br>Class 724

Spiral Mat Patterns
Rebekah Rotstein
Class 724

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What a great class. I am a physical therapist and I find all your incorporation of therapy fantastic. Thank you.
Thanks everyone! And Randee thanks for noticing the therapy techniques (shhh, don't tell anyone since they'll think it makes the exercises "easy" LOL!)
Really nice work for the shoulder girdle, creative and well cued. Since shoulders are very often the area where clients (and myself as well) have problems, this video is certainly one to return to. Thank you, Rebekah! p.s.: Great Geography lesson of the USA with that position of the elbows at the beginning ;)
Thx Rebekah for the "feel" of the shoulders and the band. That was very interesting to them and me. Wendy
I like this video I did this to relaxing music and found it very therapeutic as well as a good workout. some new variations which made it new for me
Best bicycle ever!
Interesting variations ... though I watched the whole video afterwards in order to do it better next time as it was not obvious to look and work at the same time ;) thanks 🙏
level <1 , not enough repetitions, kind of messy... sorry to seem negative, but sure you could improve this class 🙏
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