Creative Mat Variations
Meredith Rogers
Class 73

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Once again Meredith, very nice class! Very good mind/body connection cues. I realize now what I need to work on-my oblique twists. Thank you! I feel energized, not drained.
Thank you Polly!
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Thank you Meredith - this was my first experience of your teaching and I loved it! Your slow and considered cueing was just right for me today - allowing time to "be" in the body and not just "do" the exercise, and also rests between exercises to allow the effects to settle....nice. Thanks. I'll be back for more another day. I love Pilates Anytime!
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This was a great workout. I was able to really do each exercise the right way, which in turn made my body feel each one a lot more. I really enjoyed it, and I really enjoy your way of teaching! Thank you!
I ditto Ali above!
Thanks for the kind words ladies. I love hearing from you!!
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Perfect class. The pace is good and appropriate difficulty. Meredith does a good job of cueing the breathing which is helpful in an online class. I also liked the number of reps.
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You are definitely one of my favorite instructors. When I teach I draw a lot from your great mind/body cues and slow, deliberate pace. Watching your videos has made me a better teacher and student.
Wow! Your comments make ME want to be BETTER!!
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Exactly what I needed this morning! I think I am maturing as a student...the deliberate pace combined with such excellent "corrections" (as well as cues) seemed to talk right to me and guide me to deep appreciation of each movement. Of course if you would like to create a new theraband class (hint hint) I'm sure that would make my day tomorrow.

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