Restorative Mat<br>Georgia Burns<br>Class 732

Restorative Mat
Georgia Burns
Class 732

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People think workinq at a lower level means a class will be too easy. But 'easeful' is more like it. And qreat on days when one is completely fatiqued.

And lower levels are often where I have my personal movement epiphanies. Like here. The pool cue imaqe, Georgia, TOTALLY worked for me. Which, in turn, helped me find a depth to my roll back which had previously remained elusive. And while standinq now I notice I'm not displaced off my hips even a nanometer. Complete breakthrouqh! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
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Nice to see Body Harmonics represented. Very nice restorative class, thank you!
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I took this class this morning - after taking a few
"regular" classes, I realised that I needed to go back to basics and build up my body awareness and form. This class was great, and I felt a really great awareness of my body once I'd finished. Thanks!
Thank you ladies. This class is so special to me. xo
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I recently underwent a mommy makeover surgery 2 weeks ago (I am a Pilates instructor) and this is a perfect introductory to get my body slowly moving. Thank you Georgia.
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Fabulous class, Georgia! Perfect after those wild days when you need to reconnect, unwind, and refocus. Your imagery is amazing, and I love your teachng style. Thank you!
Perfect way to wind down after a busy weekend. Marvelous!
Tracy M
This is a perfect class for those days when you just want to enjoy moving (prop needed: 2 pillows. Love it!). The movements are simple & easy to follow by audio alone so it's a great class to do without having to watch the screen. Thank you Georgia for a wonderful class.
Fab thanks
This is the perfect class for anyone getting over an illness (eg, cold or flu) & wants to get moving again.
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