Restorative Mat<br>Georgia Burns<br>Class 732

Restorative Mat
Georgia Burns
Class 732

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Thanks Stacey!
Hi Everyone!! I'm using my own video 4 weeks post baby.
That was just what I needed, thank you.
Very good class! Thank you!
What a nice little gem :) Did this during a work trip to relieve tension and exhaustion from sitting and standing (it probably works lying on a hotel bed as well!) and it felt great. Restorative workouts are so important to me as part of my routine and I'm always looking for good options. Will definitely return to this one!
This was perfect and so well explained. I was able to correct myself for movements I am practicing every day but not withy so much efficiency! Thank you. Would it be possible to have a similar class but longer maybe? Like 30/40 minmutes? I was not able to find not find any other by Georgia Burns !!! Thanks!!!
Thank you Anne marie. That mean a lot to me. I’ll be headed back to Pilates Anytime in January to film a series of classes specifically designed for getting in touch with your body. I hope you like them!!
I am sure I will enjoy them. The way you describe the movements is very visual, easy to picture and further apply to my body. I went skiing right after and my body was very tight, but this 20 min class gave me so much relief! I hope to hear from you on PilatesaAnytime more shortly
Hi everyone! I’ve got a new restorative class available called Acceptance. It’s intended for C-section recovery but was inspired by my work for people with neurological conditions. The class focuses on abdominal awareness, breath and release.
I’m am so happy to be able to share it with you now. Let me know what you think.
Katie B
I absolutely loveeeeeddd this class!  So relaxing and I really got into my own body and noticed where tension was being held.  Thank you! :D
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