High-Intensity Reformer
Julian Littleford
Class 741

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That was fantastic!!! It is so nice to see Julian back with a class - I love the pace and depth of his classes - always a wonderful challenge. Hope to see more!!
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Heyyyyyy:) julian is back. Thank you very much.
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i needed this energy. amazing! Thank you!
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Yowza....so good to learn from Mr Littleford again! Great session - sure to be repeated! Thank you
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Yea Julian!!! Wow, fantastic class! Thank you thank you! Really wish I had air-conditioning...
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Fantastic. Great fun!!!! Love that you told us how many springs and colors!!!!
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Nicely Done Julian!! Loved it!!
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Julian, you are back with same vigor and challenges! Holy moley, I am pooped now, great workout. Thank you, and you look fabulous, hope all is well!
Tried this today with my clients! Fabulous! Great to c you back! Best wishes to you!
Love you Julian¡¡¡ Fantastic class, please stay close :D
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