High-Intensity Reformer<br>Julian Littleford<br>Class 741

High-Intensity Reformer
Julian Littleford
Class 741

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Tonya H
That was just crazy good!! Cant wait to see more...
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What a great week--Julian is back in the house with another awesome workout--Woo hoo!! And I'm so excited to be the featured member on the website. So glad I found Pilates Anytime!!
Brilliant! Hope you do more classes. Best jumpboard workout on the site that actually got my heart rate up. Great use of time too. Thank you.
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Julian is amazing! Wish I could learn from him everyday!
thank you again
ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS just done reformer 2 now get the jist of it all with the manual.. thanks a million
Great to see you back Julian!
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OMG. I laughed, I cried, I cursed! Julian you are officially THE coolest guy on the planet! Thank you. Stay well! We need you!
Really nobody like him!!! Such great intensity, pace and creativity
My abs were killing for 3 days.
Wowzers!! Truly gifted and fabulous workout. Glad u are back to your spicy self. This killed me
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