Quick Mat Flow<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 765

Quick Mat Flow
Amy Havens
Class 765

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I liked your faster pace but always love the props you have when doing your pilates exercises.
Great work in short amount of time. Loved your cues as usual, especially for Saw and Swan. Thank you.
Just what I needed - on hols and needed a good workout in short time to keep my body in check. Great cueing! Thank you.
Hi Elaine.....thank you....and I'll get some props in the mix next time!
Thank you so much Kerry!!
Hi Eimear......thank you.......glad you enjoyed this short class! Talk to you soon!
This clas was awsome! Great pace and smooth transition, and 30 minutes was just perfect lentgh! Thank you!
Great class! I loved then cue "press your shins into the mat" during quadraped. Thanks!
Sonja.....thank you for the comments and thank you for taking class with me!
Hi Christine.......glad that cue worked for you! It's a good one isn't it? It really helps me get into my lower abs and connects me to lengthening my lower back----which I'm always looking to do!
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