Quick Mat Flow<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 765

Quick Mat Flow
Amy Havens
Class 765

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Great class Amy. Covered lots in 30 mins without sacrificing anything. Well done
Just finished the class and as always i loved it. The cues were right on and I will be using some of them in my classes. Thanks Amy.
I love the length in your stretches, the graceful variations, and the moderate pace. Your core is super strong as evidenced by your beautiful seal, open leg rocker, front support, and swan. I love that you can get all that in 30 minutes. Great job!
Great class, loved the way my hips and back streched! Feels great, thanks
Thank you Jo!!

Jodie, thank you for always providing such positive and clear feedback! Glad you enjoyed this class!

Hi Karin! Honored to receive such nice comments, thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed this class!

Liz......glad to hear you felt great after this class, yay!! Thank you for taking it with me!
Props are awesome, BUT...I'm at home today, not at the studio and I was specifically looking for a nice pace, no props mat class!
This is great, thanks.
Brenda I agree.....and funny you mention the prop theme. One of my regular studio classes loves props and I often use them for that group, but yesteday I chose to do only Matwork, classical and pure and they loved it! It allowed them the opportunity to go into the work, no distractions, no fuss.....just focus and movement, it was divine!
Love! Love! Love! That work out!!
Thank you Darnell!!!
Thanks. Great good morning workout. I will revisit!
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