Invigorating Reformer<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 766

Invigorating Reformer
Meredith Rogers
Class 766

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I love this class. Her slow speed and intention is what takes normal moves to deep moves with tension! She's calm and secure.
felt so great, wonderful flow and perfect amount of challenge, thank you!
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I can't wait to try this out! Control, control, control!
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Great set! My first Reformer class at home. Got me sweating and felt the same as if I went to a studio class.
Marlisa E
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Beautiful class!!! I loved how serene the class was, though extremely intense. Great cues and creative additions to the advanced reformer repertoire. I enjoyed the side lying series with straight leg reaching below the bar as well as the scooter/Eve's lunge (adding the deeper stretches). I loved the Horseback series and snake. I can't believe how much Meredith was able to get into the hour....and it didn't feel like a manic pace!!! Adding to my favorites and hope to spice up some of my reformer classes for my clients. Thank you!
Extraordinary! Components of fluidity in movement, grace, dependancy of breath to movement, flow, illuminating display of confidence and control. She captured my attention with such attentive connection that it prompted me to smile right back at Meredith at the end of the class. :)
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Menuda clase más buena. Me gustan las series de brazos. Muchas gracias Meredith.
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Fantastic...and transcending.
WOW!!! Thank you so much have all made my day much brighter. :)
Thank you Ali!
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